Four Hardwood Flooring Services You Should Use To Care For Your Hardwood Floors

7 September 2015
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Hardwood floors can have a very long, very durable life when properly cared for. If you have hardwood floors in your home but you are at a loss as to how to keep them looking their best, you might want to look into hardwood flooring services. There are four services that are virtually essential to the care of wood flooring, and you will undoubtedly use every one of them so long as you have wood floors.

Cleaning Services

Wood has a tendency to warp and/or splinter when it has been exposed to a lot of moisture. Before you take a wet mop or a spray mop to your hardwood floors, call a professional floor cleaning expert first. He or she will be happy to explain to you how his or her cleaning services are vastly different from your wet mop and how your floors will not warp or splinter with professional cleanings.

Dustless Sanding and Buffing Services

Just about any contractor can come into your home and use sanders to soften and smooth your wood floors and buff out stains and rough edges. However, there are contractors who offer dustless sanding and buffing services. This type of wood floor care does the same thing that any contractor would do, with the added benefit of no sawdust and no particles of wax or floor sealants left behind. The sanding and buffing machines these contractors use have vacuums attached to them and/or have blow bags that collect all of the dust and debris created from sanding, leaving your floors clean and your home free of floating allergens.

Waxing and Sealing Services

Still a few more companies offer waxing and sealing services for hardwood floors. Thin coats of wax or wood-protecting sealants are applied to your floors at least annually, sometimes more often if you have heavy foot traffic. This type of service may be offered by a flooring contractor in conjunction with or separate from sanding and buffing services. It may also be something a general contractor is willing to do. 

Spot Repair for Your Floors

There are always going to be some areas on your floors that take a lot of hits. The damage done to a few planks in your flooring should not cost you thousands of dollars and a complete floor replacement. Spot repair service addresses just the areas where there is a lot of splitting, splintering and holes. If you know the simple steps involved, you might even be willing to try to replace these little blemishes all on your own.

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