Properly Caring for Your Ceramic-Tiled Bathroom Floor

1 December 2016
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If you have a ceramic-tiled floor in your bathroom, you most likely enjoy the appearance it provides as well as the smooth surface you experience when stepping upon it. It is important to take steps in the maintenance of a tiled floor so it continues looking like new and does not become prematurely worn. Here are some tips you can use when caring for tile so it appears its best at all times.

Remove Debris Immediately

When dirt accumulates on ceramic tiling, the dirt can scratch the surface as someone walks upon it. To avoid this scenario, removing debris as soon as it is noticed is best. Bring a vacuum cleaner into your bathroom and use a soft-bristled brush attachment to remove any loose debris from the floor. Afterward, use a clean piece of damp microfiber cloth to gently rub away grime that does not come up during the vacuuming process. Use a dry piece of cloth to remove any moisture from the floor to eliminate the possibility of mold growth.

Eliminate Discoloration from Grout

The grout used between tiles can easily become grungy in appearance, especially in a bathroom where moisture is present much of the time. To eliminate any discoloration between your ceramic tiles, a cleanser made especially for this medium should be applied to the lines of grout between your tiles and then scrubbed with a small, stiff toothbrush. If you would rather use a natural approach for cleaning this area, fill a spray bottle with a half-water, half-vinegar mixture and mix well. Spray the grout lines and scrub with a toothbrush for several minutes to brighten the grout's appearance. To whiten grout even further, make a paste from equal parts baking soda and water and scrub it across the lines with a toothbrush. Rinse well afterward.

Take Steps to Protect Your Floor

It is important to take steps in the protection of your ceramic tiles so they do not become scratched or scraped. Using floor mats in high-traffic areas of the bathroom will aid in this endeavor. Make sure these mats have rubber backings so they do not rub against the tiles with an abrasive surface. This will also help keep people from slipping upon wet tile after they take a bath or a shower. Ask each person using the bathroom to remove their shoes before entering the room, if possible. This will keep debris from being tracked across the floor, helping to keep the floor clean as a result. 

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