Hardwood: Is This The Flooring Type For Your Home?

19 May 2020
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Hardwood flooring is ideal for many residential homes, allowing the homeowner to have classic lines in their floors. There are many options of hardwood to choose from. While hardwood is alluring and lasts a long time — 25 years or longer, in most cases — it's not right for everyone.

Speak to your flooring specialist about the allure of hardwood to see if this flooring style is best for you. Depending on your budget, personal preference, style of home, and other factors, hardwood may be ideal for all or some of your floors.

You can afford it

Hardwood varies in cost for installation, depending not just on the type of hardwood you choose but how much your installer charges to put the flooring in. Additional flooring charges may exist if carpeting or existing hardwood has to be removed before putting new flooring in. On average, hardwood floors cost around $8 per square foot to install.

The type of hardwood you choose for your floors affects your budget: classic pine is the cheapest of your options at under $5 per square foot, while Brazilian walnut can cost up to $20 for the same coverage.

You can maintain it

If you take care of hardwood floors properly, you can expect the floors to last a long time. Hardwood needs to be professionally cleaned and refinished periodically in order to preserve the flooring most effectively. Hardwood also has to be swept and dry mopped on the regular to remove the dirt and grime that can dull or scratch the hardwood's surface.

If you're willing to put the time into your hardwood to keep the material looking newer, longer, you'll be rewarded with floors that can last for as long as you are in your home. Ask your hardwood flooring specialist how often you'll need to have your new hardwood floors treated.

You can keep it

Once you install your hardwood floors, expect them to last for a few decades. Hardwood is an investment, so you won't want to choose this type of flooring if you're not sure if hardwood is right for you. However, hardwood floors are available in many wood species, so have your flooring specialist show you samples of maple, walnut, ash, oak, and other styles of hardwood to help you make the right decision about this flooring option.

Hardwood, once installed, is durable and easy to work with. Talk to a flooring specialist like Christians Carpets and Fine Flooring who can give you a quote for their services so you can budget for this type of home improvement project accordingly.