How To Prepare To Have Hardwood Floor Refinishing Done In Your Home

9 June 2020
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Your hardwood flooring might be showing signs of its age, so you might be ready to have them refinished. After all, this is a wonderful way to restore your flooring so that it looks great again, all without having to worry about the cost and hassle that goes along with replacing it completely. If you have hardwood floor refinishing done by the right professionals, you are sure to love the results. You'll probably just want to make sure that you are prepared for the job to be done. These are a few ways that you can get ready for hardwood floor refinishing.

Move Your Furniture

Of course, in order to do their job effectively, the crew who will be handling your hardwood floor refinishing will need to be able to access all of your flooring. This means that furniture and other items should be moved out of the way. You have a few options for doing this. You can move all of your furniture into a room that does not have hardwood flooring, or you can move it to a storage unit or garage until the job is done. Another option is to move your furniture into half of your house so that you can have half of your hardwood flooring refinished. Then, when that job is done, you can move the furniture into the finished room so that the crew can begin working on other rooms in your home.

Turn Off Your HVAC Vents

Be aware that hardwood floor refinishing can be a very messy job. The dust from the job can be distributed throughout your home through your HVAC system and could even clog your ducts. Therefore, you will probably want to close or cover your HVAC vents before the workers get started on their job. Fans, portable air conditioners, or space heaters can be used for temporary heating and cooling until the job is done.

Remove Items from the Walls

You might understand why you need to remove the furniture from the room before the hardwood floor refinishing job starts, but what you might not know about is why you should remove items from the walls throughout your home. However, these items could get dirty or could be knocked off of the walls while the refinishing job is being done, so you will probably want to take them down and carefully pack them away until your floors are refinished.

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