Epoxy Flooring Installation Recommendations For Your Commercial Space

16 October 2020
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An epoxy flooring in your commercial space is a great way to boost the value, condition, and durability of your flooring in one coating. An epoxy flooring is going to last you a long time and be well worth the investment, but you need to be sure it gets installed properly and you don't skimp on the preparation. Whether you are hiring a commercial installation or doing any of the work yourself, here are some recommendations for you to install and take care of your new commercial epoxy flooring.

Clean the Concrete

Before you can apply an epoxy coating you will need to clean the surface of any contaminants. This includes greases and oils or any type of coating on the floor that is going to prevent the epoxy from soaking into the pores of your concrete. You can test the surface of your concrete to make sure its pores are open by applying drops of water on the concrete. If the water soaks into the concrete it is ready for etching and an epoxy. Otherwise, you will need to clean the surface and also possibly grind away any previously applied sealants.

Use a concrete cleaner to remove residues and oils and a pressure washer with a high-pressure tip to lift up other contaminants. And, be sure to completely remove the cleaning residues and lifted contaminants so they don't settle back into your concrete and put you back into the same situation as before you cleaned the concrete.

Etch the Concrete

Etching your epoxy floor will make the surface of your concrete slightly rough and expose the pores of the concrete. This allows the surface to reach a full mechanical chemical bond with the concrete and connect around the pores and crevices of your concrete's surface. You can do this by etching, grinding, or shot blasting the surface to roughen the surface. 

If your concrete surface is a newly poured concrete, you still need to use a proper concrete cleaner and etch the concrete to prepare it for epoxy. A new concrete surface contains a fine layer of laitance that will cause the epoxy to lift later on. 

Look for a good commercial acid etching product, such as muriatic acid or phosphoric acid. Just be sure you follow all safety precautions to protect your face, skin, and eyes from any contact with the acid, or hire a professional to complete this for you.

For more information on commercial epoxy flooring, reach out to a local flooring contractor.