Home Care Recommendations To Keep Your Laminate Flooring Clean And Cared For

26 January 2021
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Laminate flooring is a great alternative to solid hardwood flooring, and it has many benefits and properties that make it durable without having to refinish it every few years. However, your laminate flooring needs particular care to keep it in good form and condition, so be sure you understand what steps you need to take to care for it exactly right. Here are some recommendations that you can use in your home to keep your laminate flooring maintained and protected with regular cleaning practices.

Protect With Everyday Maintenance

Your laminate flooring looks great once it has been installed, but you need to take some special maintenance tasks each day to keep it looking great. Your laminate flooring needs to be kept clean of dirt and debris, so sweep it regularly or on a daily basis to lift up scratching particles. You can also use a vacuum to help pull up all the dust and dirt that can collect within the seams and cracks of your flooring. Following this daily schedule will keep your floor shiny with its factory-installed shine that makes it look beautiful just like hardwood flooring.

When any spills happen on your floor, be sure you wipe and clean them up immediately. You don't want to allow water or any spill to sit upon the surface of your floors for too long because it will seep into the seams and cracks of the laminate and cause it to warp and lift, and can also cause the surface to become stained.

Clean and Polish

Your laminate flooring is installed with a beautiful finish and shine that makes it attractive and warm looking in your home. Over time, this shine can become dull with wear and also with the wrong types of cleaners. Don't use any type of cleaner that contains oil or wax because this will build up on the surface of the laminate flooring and make it look dingy and dirty. Instead, use only a damp mop or a microfiber mop to wipe and clean the surface of the laminate. You don't need to mop very frequently, approximately every few weeks as the surface becomes dingy. 

Restore the shine to your laminate flooring with a mop damp with a solution of vinegar and water. Use this to wipe the surface of the laminate and remove the build-up of any oils or dingy build-up. Don't give in to the temptation of using a steam mop on your laminate flooring. Although steam is a great way to clean and sanitize your floors, especially during a pandemic, it will permanently damage your laminate flooring.

For more information, contact a laminate flooring service in your area.