Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Hardwood Floors

16 March 2023
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Hardwood floors require a substantial initial investment and like many people who have installed these floors in their homes, you want to amortize your investment.

A proven way to get the most out of your hardwood flooring is to maintain it correctly. Proper care and upkeep will help to keep your floors in tip-top shape while increasing their durability.

Here are a few ways to care for your hardwood floors so they last longer and keep looking great year-round.

Sweep Daily

The dust, dirt, and debris that builds up on your hardwood floors daily not only create an eyesore but can damage the wood. The buildup acts like sandpaper that scratches and ruins the finish on the floor surface every time you walk across a room.

Sweeping your floors daily is one of the easiest and most effective ways to minimize dirt accumulation and potential damage to the wood.

Vacuum Regularly

While daily sweeping helps to remove visible dirt, it may not address hidden dirt, such as the dirt underneath the couch, beds, and other difficult-to-reach areas of your floors.

Vacuuming regularly will help to ensure a more thorough dirt removal process by allowing you to draw dirt from even the tiniest cracks and crevices in your flooring system.

Damp Mop

You might have heard that wood and water do not mix well, and there is some truth to that. Soaking your hardwood floors in water will cause the wood to swell and deteriorate quickly.

Moderation is key to achieving quality cleaning results when using water to clean hardwood flooring. To avoid a dripping wet mop, use a microfiber mop and the right wood floor cleaning solution on your floors. 

Address Any Damage Immediately

Hardwood floors are not immune to surface damage. They can become scratched, scuffed, or stained due to regular use. Putting off repairs on these floors is a surefire way to shorten their lifespan.

If you want to make them last, perform the necessary repair work immediately after you notice any damage. Wipe off stains, buff out scuffs, and sand out scratches before applying an appropriate finish to prevent further damage.

Refinish Periodically

All hardwood floors require periodic recoating to keep the wood shiny while protecting it from water damage.

When applying a fresh coat of finish to your wood surface, make sure you use the right coating product for the wood. If in doubt, consult a wood flooring manufacturer.

While some hardwood flooring maintenance tasks can be DIYed, others require professional handling to do them safely and correctly. Contact a service such as Rejuvenation Floor & Design for assistance with all your hardwood flooring care needs.