Reasons You'll Appreciate Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles In Your Home

8 November 2017
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If you want durable new flooring that looks great and doesn't bust your budget, then vinyl tiling could be the answer. Vinyl tiles are quick to install, easy to clean, and less expensive than some other types of flooring. Here are some of the benefits of choosing vinyl tile floors.

Vinyl Tiles Are Suitable For DIY Installation

You can slash your flooring budget further if you install vinyl tiles yourself. It's a fairly easy job if you buy the kind of tiles with adhesive backing, so all you have to do is peel off the protective layer and then stick the tiles to the floor. You'll need to start with a clean, level surface first, which might entail ripping up old flooring and making repairs if needed. You can go to a flooring store and buy tiles in boxes that are easy to load in your car for convenient delivery to your home.

Vinyl Tiles Resist Water

Vinyl is a good flooring material to put in bathrooms and kitchens because it withstands water. Water won't damage it; however, if water leaks under the tiles, the tiles might get loose if the water affects the subfloor or adhesive. This allows you to choose one style and color of flooring for your entire house for a seamless look through all your rooms.

Vinyl Floors Are Easy To Keep Clean

Since vinyl tolerates water, you can mop vinyl tiles to keep them clean. You can use soapy water and a soft brush to clean out dirt and get rid of stains. You can even use appropriate vinyl cleaners to eliminate pet odors and stains from the floor. You can sweep, use a dust mop, or damp mop the floors daily to keep them free from dust and other allergens if someone in your home has problems with asthma or allergies. Being easy to clean makes vinyl tiling a good choice if you have pets in your home.

Vinyl Is Durable

Vinyl tiles won't last for the lifetime of your home, but they do last several years because they are durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic and pets. Since they are an affordable flooring option, you can tear them out and replace them when they become worn or when you want a new look. Vinyl tiles are an excellent choice for permanent flooring or when you want temporary flooring until you can begin a complete renovation on your home in future years.

One of the best things about vinyl tiles is the number of choices when it comes to patterns and colors. You can choose tiles that look like granite, marble, or wood. You can even choose tiles that look like retro linoleum if you want a vintage look for your home.