The Basics Of Concrete Flooring

4 March 2021
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Industrial design is a fun way to add a little bit of steel and concrete to your home or office space and give it that edge. One of the best ways to embrace that industrial style is to add in some concrete flooring. 

What Is Concrete Flooring? 

Concrete flooring can be done by either using the existing foundation flooring in a home or business or by actually pouring brand-new concrete over existing flooring. After it has been poured or exposed, it will typically be sanded down so that it is a smooth as glass. Once it has been sanded, it will then be polished by using a concrete polishing service.

Concrete polishing is great because it will help add a gloss to your concrete flooring, which can make it look more complete and shiny. Not only that, but concrete polishing services can also help to seal the concrete and make it more stain-resistant which is ideal if you are going to use concrete in a kitchen or if you have little kids. 

Why Choose Concrete Flooring? 

Concrete flooring is easy to treat and is durable (if you have it professionally polished). Another reason why people like to have concrete flooring is that it's a much more affordable option than something like hardwood or even tile. The main cost that you will have to pay for is having brand-new concrete poured (which means you will have to pay for a cement mixer and a cement pump). 

Does It Require Maintenance? 

Yes, it does. One of the biggest drawbacks of concrete flooring is that it is recommended that you have it sealed anywhere from every 2-5 years to help keep it as protected as possible. During the sealant process, it may be sanded down a little bit, and then a clear sealant will be placed on top. After the sealant is placed, it may also be polished as well. If you keep a lot of rugs and furniture on top of your concrete flooring, then you may not need to have it sealed and polished quite as frequently. 

Concrete flooring may not be a design choice for everybody, but it can really add a fun element to just about any home; especially if you are on a tight budget. To learn a little bit more, reach out to a company that offers concrete flooring and concrete polishing services in your area today.