Caring For Quartz In A Butlers' Pantry Or Wet Bar

26 March 2021
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Quartz is one of the most popular countertop options in modern kitchen design. Yet, its beauty and benefits extend far beyond this space. For this reason, it can also be a complementary addition to spaces like a butler's pantry or wet bar. However, no matter where you decide to install this countertop material, there are certain care considerations you want to keep in mind; here are some of them.

Clean Spills Quickly

If you spill a beverage in the area, make sure you clean it up as quickly, as possible, especially if it is red wine. Quartz is a stainable material, so you want to remove the liquid right away to avoid it penetrating the stone. Keep in mind that if the stain does penetrate, typically, only a professional can remove it for you, so it is easier for you to act fast.

Use Alternative Storage

No matter what blend of beverage you plan to stock the area with, if possible, find a storage solution that does not involve leaving the bottles on the countertop for an extended period. Normal humidity changes in the air can cause certain bottles to stick to the countertop, which leaves behind a ring once they are finally removed. Storing these bottles in a cabinet above or on a rack is the best way to avoid this issue.

Clean Routinely 

In many homes, the butlers' pantry or wet bar area is often off to the side and away from the main living area. As such, it is easy to forget about these spaces when it comes time to clean your home, but sit is important that quartz be deep cleaned periodically. Even after you clean a spill, it is possible for small particles to be left behind. The longer these particles remain on the surface, the more likely they are to stain. 

Keep a Cutting Board Nearby

If you happen to moonlight as a bartender in your home and enjoy making a variety of mixed drinks. Make sure you keep a cutting board handy. Whether it is a lemon, orange, or a fresh piece of mint, you do not want to cut anything directly on top of the quartz. The surface is highly durable, but over time, a knife can leave small scratch marks on the surface that can make the countertop appear dull and worn. 

To ensure your quartz countertop lasts and keeps its beauty, aim to keep all these care tips in mind.